A Tradition of Excellence Meets The Pledge of Excellence
We Provide Superior Customer Service 

-HRA leads the industry in customer service – we go Above And Beyond! 
-We make our community rave about our superior customer service 
-Customer service drives residents to stay with us 
-We always strive to impress, always follow up, always remember who you are 
-We are off our seat and on our feet! We stand up, shake hands, and greet all customers with a warm smile 
-You get what you give – we give everyone the respect you want to receive 
-We anticipate customer needs and strive to fulfill the expressed and unexpressed needs 
-We remember that we are all each other’s customer 

We Are Market Leaders 

-We lead the market in offering the best student housing and meeting the needs of residents  

-No one becomes a market leader alone - teamwork makes the dream work 

We Take Pride In Our Exceptional Property Appearances 

-HRA properties are the best - every day in every way 
-Landscaping sets the tone - make it green and gorgeous 
-Cleanliness is an attitude and everyone’s responsibility - make it contagious 
-The Care we give to our residents is what sets Horizon apart